SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The King Brothers Dairy mascot “Queenie,” celebrated National Milk Day with the Saratoga Springs city school district yesterday, January 11. The mascot along with representatives from King Brothers Dairy honored the day by bringing over 4,000 bottles of milk to Saratoga schools.

Every January 11 marks the anniversary of the first home delivery of milk inside sterilized glass bottles sealed with waxed paper back in 1878. One of the King brothers, Jan King explains, “Queenie greeted students getting off the bus,” “She brought 4,000 bottles of chocolate milk and 200 bottles of 2% milk for the kids.” “This has been a great opportunity for King Brothers Dairy,” “It’s the first time we have ever been able to partner with a school district to have an event like this. The team loved seeing how excited the students were to receive the milk. And the cafeteria staff had just as much fun!”

The milk was provided at no cost to the students while school cafeteria staff wore custom “Legen-Dairy” t-shirts to honor King Brothers Dairy and National Milk Day 2023.

Eric Bush, the School Lunch Director for the Saratoga Springs City School District, comments, “Everyone, from leadership and teachers to the students, were thrilled to have King Brothers Dairy on-site for National Milk Day,” he said. “This event was a huge success and we would love to collaborate with the Dairy to have their milk and Queenie return to our schools for future events.”

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets awarded King Brothers Dairy gold in the Fluid Milk category for Small Processors and gold in the Chocolate Milk category for dairies of all sizes at the New York State Fair in Fall of 2022. New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets states, “New York has nearly 3,600 dairy farms producing more than 15 billion pounds of milk, approximately seven percent of the country’s total milk supply”.