The case against accused Capital Region cult leader Keith Raniere continues.

Paperwork filed shows he’s asking to be released on bail but many say he’s too dangerous to be back on the streets.

Keith Raniere’s bail application is dozens of pages long and outlines the reasons he should be released. It claims he’s not a danger to the community or a flight risk.

Others disagree with that assessment.

Raniere sits in federal prison awaiting an October trial for the part he allegedly played in a branch of NXIVM called DOS.

“DOS is something that people joined that women joined of their own volition,” Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s attorney, said.

Raniere’s lawyers have previously stated the women who joined the alleged sex cult DOS did so willingly denouncing the stigma.

“It’s a slogan it’s a label that the government has attached to conduct to make it nefarious.”

Now Raniere is applying for bail.

Documents show Raniere’s lawyers stand by these statements saying, “the Federal Government apparently does not approve of the way hundreds of women are searching for happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in their lives.”

They also say Raniere is willing to pay $10 million and be under 24-hour watch by armed guards, among other stipulations.

Documents say Raniere is not a flight risk and that “the government has not met its burden of establishing that Raniere is a danger to the safety of the community.”

People living in the Knox Woods community where Raniere previously resided disagree.

“We just want our neighborhood back to normal.”

Although Knox Woods and the properties associated with NXIVM are quiet now, known members have been seen there since Raniere’s arrest.

“I’m still kind of scared. I’m scared because they tell me they’re still around.”

Some are questioning where Raniere would get the money if he is granted bail. Even the documents claim he “does not have wealth.”

It’s also unclear if he would be returning to the Capital Region if he is released.

The government has been ordered to respond to this request by Friday.