Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement to be implemented in local school

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Spreading love and kindness is the goal of one mother who lost her son in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

” Jesse left a message on the kitchen chalk board. 3 words just shortly before he died— nurturing, healing, love. And I realize that if the shooter had been able to give and receive nurturing, healing, love, that the tragedy would have never happened,” explained Scarlett Lewis.

Those 3 powerful words helped to inspire her to the create Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. It is a movement to promote social and emotional learning in schools and communities not only across the nation, but around the world.

” I’m teaching the kids to have positive relationships, deep and meaningful connections, how to manage their emotions,” said Lewis.

Implementing the movement in schools is free, and lessons are available to download online.

“Basically, they are very simple, short, powerful lessons that then can be extended into other subjects when you’re teaching about courage and how to have courage,” Lewis stated. ” Courage is like a muscle. We have to be aware of it and we have to practice it. Jesse showed tremendous courage during the final moments of his life, saving 9 of his classmates.”

Through the movement, Jesse’s legacy is continuing to help save the lives of others.

“Kids who have these skills and tools, kids that can manage their emotions, kids that are resilient to the issues…..are not going to want to harm themselves or others. This makes common sense but there is also research to back this up.”

The Hadley-Luzurne Central Scchool District will be implementing the program in classrooms. It may also be taught to school resource officers in Warren County.

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