For 37 days, no one realized a New Jersey man was dead inside his room at a local halfway house. His grieving mother is now looking for answers.

“This is what my mission has been since January 12th when I first came up here,” Yvonne Ketter-Walls said.

Ketter-Walls wants to know why her son’s body was left to decompose inside a halfway house in Troy.

In July, Raolik Walls had moved from New Jersey to Troy to be close to family while he sought treatment for addiction to alcohol and marijuana.

On November 30th, he moved to Hudson Mohawk Recovery Center. The young dad was excited about going back to school.

“He was on the right track.”

When his family didn’t hear from him his aunt, Jackie Knight, went to the faculty to check on him.

Knight says they told her that he left the facility.

“That he left his key in the door and he left the facility.”

So, for 37 days his family searched for Raolik.

It would be an exterminator with a pest control company who would make the startling discovery, Roalik’s badly decomposed body in his room.

The medical examiner’s report found no illegal drugs in his system and that Raolik had likely died around December 3rd of cardiac arrhythmia. Thirty-seven days later, his body was found in a mummified state.

“Could someone have helped Raolik had someone checked on him that night. Could he possibly be alive?” Knight said.

“There’s no possible way that someone can be laying dead in your facility for 37 days without anybody knowing,” Ketter-Walls said.

According to Ketter-Walls, when they went to cancel Raolik’s benefits card, they discovered that the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, the agency that runs the program, continued to charge county taxpayers and DSS for Raolik’s room and board, three months after his death.

When NEWS10 ABC reached out to the Hudson Mohawk’s main office for comment, they stated it would have to check with their attorney before commenting.

At the Troy station, Ketter-Walls and Knight says the case was closed with no charges. Raolik’s mom says she’s running out of options.

“I want to see this place shut down. I want to see the people in charge fired.”

The Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is investigating the incident. Ketter-Walls also says they have hired an attorney and are considering filing a civil suit against Hudson Mohawk.