Icy vehicles leading to costly repairs and injuries


As another snowstorm heads east, remnants of the last one still linger. It’s creating dangerous conditions on roadways, destroying windshields due to flying ice that hasn’t been removed by a vehicle.

“I was covered in little shards of glass,” said Caity Hart. “I’m glad I didn’t have my kids with me,” Hart added.

It’s nearly impossible to catch the motorist, and at least in New York, police can do little about it. There’s legislation that’s stalled for years in the New York State Assembly due to liability issues.

The police will take an accident report and insurances will cover the damage to a vehicle, but often those who are the offenders have no idea they’ve done anything wrong.

Police have their hands tied. The most they can do is write a citation for depositing hazardous waste onto the roadway.

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