‘How do you cook a turkey in the microwave?’: Viral #TurkeyChallenge confusing parents everywhere

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The Turkey Challenge… It’s the Thanksgiving-themed viral prank that’s stopping the hearts of parents across the country.

The challenge is simple, send your parents a text message asking them for “advice” on microwaving a 25-pound turkey. The texts usually involved clueless kids asking their parents how long it would take to nuke the bird, insisting they don’t want to wait the hours it would take to roast it in the oven.

The responses, screenshotted and posted to social media, range from genuinely helpful to outraged to confused. But most agree that a turkey doesn’t belong in the microwave at all.

Enter, Butterball….

In response to the viral prank, turkey company Butterball sent a tweet on Friday advising that some small turkeys CAN be microwaved. For tips on how to do so, Butterball says to contact its turkey tipline at 1-800-BUTTERBALL. 

Fox News reached out to Butterball to elaborate on their tweet and  

Butterball confirmed to Fox News via email Tuesday that they weren’t bluffing — it is possible, and “safe,” to cook a much smaller turkey in the microwave. According to experts at Butterball, here are the steps you should follow to successfully microwave a 9-pound turkey.

  • Thaw your turkey first – don’t put a frozen turkey in the microwave!
  • Place the turkey breast side down on a microwave-safe dish or plate
  • Microwave it 4 minutes per pound on full power (so 36 minutes)
  • Remove drippings
  • Flip it over on its breast and cook at 50 percent power for 8 minutes per pound with 4 intervals, which is about every 18 minutes (checking the turkey temperature at each interval)
  • Baste and add a browning sauce for a golden brown look

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