ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Neighbors on Partridge Street were startled awake in the early Tuesday morning hours, but never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined the sound they heard would be an attempted thief shooting at the 60-year-old woman living on the corner.

“It didn’t seem louder than what I was used to. I assumed it was a garbage truck, a tow truck, some construction on the campus,” Lauren Albert describes of the moment she suddenly awoke around 4:45 a.m.

A home security video circulating on social media shows the moment of the crime. Albany Police also confirm to NEWS10 the video is legitimate. In it, a man walks up to a motorcycle parked on Partridge Street.

“Our middle neighbor usually drives a motorcycle around in the summertime, so we all know it’s his. He usually parks it right on the street here,” Albert describes to NEWS10’s Mikhaela Singleton.

The video, taken from the home owned by the same person who owns the motorcycle, shows the unidentified man apparently attempting a theft. You can hear a sawing noise for several seconds before the man stops and ducks behind the corner house as a garbage truck passes by.

As the truck fades out of sight and the attempted thief moves back towards the bike, the owner of the corner home seems to call out to the man. He can be seen walking up the porch steps and pushing at the front door unsuccessfully several times before shooting at the victim through the front window.

He can then be seen struggling with the gun and is unable to fire again. In another stroke of luck, the 60-year-old woman walked away with a non life-threatening injury, as Albany PD confirms.

“It’s horrible that in such a nice neighborhood, a kind person can do a kind thing and something like this happens,” says Albert.

Councilman Owusu Anane, who represents the Pine Hills neighborhood, says in a statement:

This woman was simply trying to do the right thing looking out for her fellow neighbors. And for that, a criminal took it upon himself to shoot this woman. That angers me. I have the fullest confidence in our police department to catch whoever committed this heinous act, and to punish them as much as the law permits. This cannot stand.

Owusu Anane, Albany Common Council Ward 10 Representative

Albert says her neighbor has always been the type of person to help others. She says in the five years she’s lived on Partridge Street, her neighbors in this quiet community became like her family.

“She’s a really lovely member of the community. She’s always outside gardening. Her husband will like snow blow the entire sidewalk for everybody. They’re super kind,” she says.

“People usually aren’t so bold to try stealing or causing violence here because of the police station and [Saint Rose] campus security right up the street. Very rarely does anything happen here that you’re not used to, so this is definitely a shock,” Albert goes on to add.

Albany Police now ask anyone with additional information on the shooting or the man in the video to come forward. You can call 518-462-8039 to reach the detective division or visit Capital Region Crime Stoppers to tip anonymously.

“We’re all going to be in it together, but wow. What a thing to be in together,” says Albert.