This holiday season the Transportation Security Administration expects to screen a record number of travelers going through the nation’s airport including Albany International Airport.  The two busiest travel days are expected to be Friday, December 21st and Wednesday, December 26th.  TSA estimates it’ll screen more than 2.7 million people on those days.

If you are planning to bring gifts with you, there are a few reminders the TSA has for holiday travelers to make getting through the security line a little easier.

If you’re planning to bring gifts, do not wrap them.  If you’re trying to save time, use a gift bag instead, or a box that will be easy to open, in case TSA officers need to open the item to check it.  TSA is reminding travelers this season, if a wrapped present triggers an alarm, the gift might need to be unwrapped  for security.

Bakers don’t stress, those cookies you spent hours decorating can be packed into your carry on.  In fact, any baked items such as cakes or other holiday treats are perfectly fine to travel with (solid foods like ham or turkey also get the green light). However, holiday beverages like eggnog or any other liquid  need to be 3.4 ounces or less. 

The same goes for snow globes which are a popular presents this time of the year.  If you are traveling with a snow globe, it should contain 3.4 liquid ounces or less. Larger snow globes should be packed into your checked bags.

You can visit the  ‘What can I bring’ section on the TSA website to check on specific items you have any questions about and find out whether you can carry them on or have to pack it into your checked baggage.