TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — “Now my baby’s life is gone. My great-grandmother and grandmother are both still alive, and he’s gone. This should open a lot of eyes. This is ridiculous,” said Latoya Alston.

Latoya Alston and Tarence Davis are the parents of 11-year-old Ayshawn Davis, who was shot and killed late Sunday night in Troy. His parents said they are at a loss for words after losing their youngest of five.

“That’s my baby out of five; it’s not fair. It’s not fair. They shouldn’t have done that to him even though he wasn’t supposed to be out there. I don’t understand how could someone be so careless,” said his mother.

“Whoever did this — you killed a young angel that didn’t even get to his full potential, yet. I can’t even speak on it. I can’t even hear my own son’s voice anymore when I wake up. There’s nothing in this world that can replace his love and how he was,” said his father.

His parents told NEWS10 ABC that their son was one of a kind.

“He was a good little boy, very intelligent, and had intellectual speaking. He wanted to help the homeless, and he wanted to fight in the war,” said his mother. 

Alston said her son loved playing outside. She said it was always his way or the highway.

“He liked to play basketball with his brothers. He liked to box and do karate. He used to tell me he couldn’t wait to be a teenager. He thought he was older than everybody else in the house, and he wanted to give the rules. It was Ayshawn’s way or goodnight,” said his mother. 

Tarence says his family deserves to know who did this horrific crime to their beloved son.

“I want answers. Who doesn’t want answers? There was a little boy sitting out there and that person had a choice, everybody has a choice. I don’t know what this person was gaining or whatever the case may be, but what can you gain from killing an 11-year-old,” said his father.

Ayshawn’s parents said the city of Troy and Troy Police have been stepping up to do whatever they can to support their family.

“They are doing their job, and they are doing everything they can. Everybody is contributing, and they are keeping us informed,” said his mother.

Tarence this should be a wake up call to have more eyes on the streets so late at night. 

“They should have a curfew more often in effect. Because for my son to be outside like that and especially in an high dangerous area like that, they should patrol more often,” he said.

Ayshawn Davis was a bright, young boy who will never be forgotten in the city of Troy.

“His name is going to inspire a lot, and it already has. I appreciate the love and support from my family,” said his mother. 

Ayshawn’s parents said the outpouring of support and food donations from the community has been incredible. Latoya said seeing so many people coming out and uniting together without violence means the world to her. Her son was fully against any type of violence.