HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East were outside of the Hudson Central Firehouse Tuesday afternoon to show support as contract negotiations went on inside with Columbia Memorial Hospital. A union spokesperson said they have been working under a temporary contract since the coronavirus outbreak when talks stopped.

Robin Johnson has seen her health care cost increase from $6,500 a year to now $7,500.  With the new proposed contract, her insurance will increase to around $8,500, she said.

“It’s terrible we work in health care and can’t afford our own health care,” said Ruth Snow, who works in the ICU.

Ruth Snow worries over rising health care cost with the new contract being offered by Columbia Memorial Hospital.

There is no pay increase with the proposed contract, Johnson said Tuesday. Just an increase in the amount of health care she and others will have to pay.

“We are hoping that the hospital will see sense and value their employees and offer us a fair contract, Johnson said, “if not, then we’ll just have to take the new step.”

We reached out to Columbia Memorial Hospital for a statement and had not received one at the time of this posting.