Health Department warns of tick borne disease


TROY. N.Y.(NEWS10) — Alarming numbers are hitting Rensselaer County when it comes to one tick-borne disease.

So far this year the county has had 105 Anaplasmosis cases, compared to just 34 around this time last year. Anaplasmosis is a bacterial infection similar to Lyme disease that leads to flu-like symptoms.

To prevent exposure residents are encouraged to take the following measures:

• Wear repellent with DEET on skin or clothing.

• Create tick-safe zones in your yard through:

• Appropriate Landscaping

• Applying Pesticides

• Keeping deer away from property

• Check your body, clothing, and pets for ticks.

• Check under arms, ears, the belly button, backs of knees, between legs, around the waist, and in and around all head and body hair.

• Shower soon after being outdoors

• Check clothes carefully or put into a dryer on high heat.

• Prevent family pets from bringing ticks into the home by using veterinarian-prescribed tick collars or spot-on treatment.

• Remove attached ticks quickly and carefully using fine tipped tweezers.

For more information please call the Rensselaer County Health Department at 270-2655.

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