Hartford man faces hefty fines, could lose land


HARTFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Hartford Town Council is deciding its next move after negotiations fell through with Charlie Potter, a land owner, who illegally dumped hundreds of dead animals on his property.

With a month deadline to remove the carcasses expiring a week ago, the town says Charlie Potter’s attorney only contacted them a couple days ago. Neighbors and officials say the remains haven’t been removed.

The town initially proposed that it would front the bill for removal. It would ultimately pass the bill on to Potter in the form of a property tax. That final decision will come during the May 21 meeting.

This is not the first time the town’s had an animal dumping problem.

“This problem happened around 2007, 2008. The town changed the law so that this would never happen again. And it happened again. We’re not going to have a third time,” said Town Supervisor Dana Haff.

If the property taxes aren’t paid, Potter could lose his land in foreclosure.

Potter also faces a fine for each day since a March 30 cease and desist was issued. That amount totals close to $40,000.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to Potter’s attorney, Benjamin Hill, who declined to comment on the stalled negotiations.

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