KINGSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – A Kingsbury gun shop was broken into early Friday morning and while police are investigating, they have not said yet how many guns were taken. The store owner says this theft will lead to a second financial hit.

“We were awoken out of our slumber at 4:30 this morning with a call from the alarm company that we have been invaded,” says co-owner Tim Havens.

The Calamity Jane’s Firearms and Fine Shoes co-owner Tim Havens telling NEWS10 they have the whole thing on camera and that he is angry.

“We feel violated. We’re pissed and we’re just sick of being violated! We’re sick of living in a lawless society,” says Havens.

It is unclear at this time just how many guns were taken but the owner assuring NEWS 10 they know exactly what is missing.

“As we conduct a complete inventory, so that we can without shadow of a doubt know exactly what we’ve lost today. And, we have come to that conclusion, and we know exactly what firearms have been taken,” said Havens.

Havens saying the robbers broke through a glass door with a sledgehammer and then smashed one of his display cases. He says they were driving a U-Haul pickup truck.

“Response was here within 120 seconds of the alarm going off. The perps got out by the skin of their teeth, just in the nick of time,” says Havens.

“But we did lose some firearms today and they’re in the hands of criminals,” stated Havens.

Big game hunting season kicks off tomorrow in New York and Havens says they stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars from the shop being closed today on one of their biggest days of the year.

“We don’t expect to back off. If they think that they’re going to discourage us from doing business it’s not going to happen,” finished Havens.

We have reached out to authorities for any additional info and have not heard back.