Growing season for apple crops begin

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When we think of apples, we tend to think of picking them in the fall, but the spring time is also very important for apple growers.

Based on the spring we’ve had so far, Indian Ladder Farms is expecting a good apple crop this year.

In the next few weeks bee-keepers and their bees will actually come out to the orchard to help pollinate.

Indian Ladder has a wide variety of different apples some are good for eating, others are better for cider.

While some trees are able to produce apples within their first year, farmers here at Indian Ladder say it typically takes a few years for the trees grow and produce a commercial crop.

“Apple farmers like the cold spring and it’s excellent for the trees and the bloom is starting to happen the buds are coming out and we have reason to believe that full bloom will be on time, which normally happens right around Mother’s Day,” said Laura Ten Eyck, V.P. of Indian Ladder Farms.

These apples will be ready to be picked between late August and October.

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