A grassroots effort is now catching the eye of Rensselaer County officials. “Citizens Against Heroin, See Something, Say Something” is trying to clean up the city’s streets.

Many of the people in Monday’s audience say they know who the drug dealers are. But the use of those four words, “See Something, Say Something” could be the catalyst for change.

It’s created by Jack Miller, who has seen his fill of the police on the wrong side of the law as a drug addict. He’s joining forces with those very people who helped in turning his life around by launching the community watch group.

“We’re trying to teach, well, educate our community here with the heroin epidemic, and we’re trying to give them all sides of the education,” Miller said.

Educating the community means explaining the signs of an overdose and prepping the community with items like the overdose-reversal drug, Narcan.