GREENFIELD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Town of Greenfield finally has its own ambulance service. The town has opened the doors to Greenfield Ambulance, which will provide 24/7 emergency medical services to residents.

Through a shared services partnership with Town of Corinth EMS, the facility, located at 14 South Greenfield Road, will house a full-time emergency medical technician and paramedic, as well as an ambulance and first response vehicle. The service will benefit more than 8,200 Greenfield residents.

“Corinth EMS is the ideal partner to bring better emergency services to our town,” said former Town Supervisor Daniel Pemrick. “They are a well-established, first-rate operation that will help us bring our residents the kind of fast, quality care we need.”

The town has previously contracted with up to three different local EMS units at a time, but has never had its own ambulance service. Corinth Director of EMS Matt Fogarty said Greenfield had about 600 emergency calls last year.

The new ambulance service will reduce response times for Greenfield’s 68-square mile area. Fogarty will also serve as Director of Greenfield Ambulance and will staff the new service with his 36 current employees.

“This arrangement will be a win for both the Town of Greenfield and the Town of Corinth,” Fogarty said. “Both communities will receive enhanced emergency services in the most efficient way possible.”

Greenfield Town Supervisor Kevin Veitch said the service will be funded in the 2022 budget. The program is scheduled for three years and will be evaluated for cost and effectiveness.

Greenfield Ambulance will hold its official ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 27 at 11 a.m.