Grand jury meets in Schoharie County

Grand jury meets again in Schoharie County

A grand jury convened in Schoharie County on both Thursday and Friday, and could possibly be hearing the case regarding the fatal limousine crash. However, by nature, these proceedings are secretive so there’s no way to know if they are hearing the limo case or something else completely. 

“I cannot confirm or deny anything. It is an investigation. Any time we have grand jury it’s top secret so we can confirm nor deny nothing,” said District Attorney Susan Mallery

Prestige Limo operator Nauman Hussein is facing charges in the case, but his lawyer Lee Kindlon had no further information on the grand jury proceedings. He did say their evaluation of the limo itself continues.  

The NTSB says it’s investigation is active. State Police also say it’s investigation is ongoing, and the limo is still in State Police custody.

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