Governor Cuomo has signed more than 60 bills, but he’s also vetoed about 50 this past week.

One bill that didn’t make the cut, was a bill that would require employers to provide paid time off for bereavement.

The bill would have let an employee take paid time off in the event that someone close to them dies and would have been added to the Paid Family Leave program.

However, Cuomo vetoed the bill saying that it would be too expensive, and the amount employees would have to contribute to fund the program would have also been too costly.

A bill that was signed into law this week, will require the legislature to sign off on any funds the Governor diverts out of the transportation fund, creating a transit lock box.

The legislature passed this bill in preparation of a tough next year for transportation. Billions are expected to be spent on the MTA and hopefully upstate’s transit system

A few other bills that were signed this month will provide more protections for sexual assault victims.

A measure that would create a bill of rights for sexual assault victims was signed by the Governor. It will provide crisis counseling, health care services at no cost and more.

The Governor also signed a bill this week that will change the wording in New York laws from fireman and policeman to firefighter and police officer.