SLINGERLANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany County’s newest manufacturing facility, Plug Power, is expected to create 1,600 new jobs focused on clean energy.

”This is the foundation, this is the vision, this is the innovation that is leading us into a different future,” Governor Kathy Hochul said.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer headlined the announcement with Governor Kathy Hochul. The $125 Million facility will be used for green hydrogen production with the GenDrive line, a drop-in fuel cell solution for electric trucks. The company recently opened two other factories in Monroe and Genesee counties.

“If you’re working inside a warehouse and you have a fossil fuel generated forklift, it makes a difference how that is powered,” Hochul said.

Plug Power CEO Andy Mash and Schumer said the Investment Tax Credit contributed to the company’s current growth and new incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act will help further that growth.

“The ITC has fueled tremendous growth at Plug from 200 to 1,100 and now 1,600 on the way in the next five years and much more room to grow in this very plant,” Schumer said.

Climate change and clean energy are some of Hochul’s top priorities for 2023. She said this new factory is in line with her goal to reduce fossil fuel pollution and promote a green energy economy.

“We have to have a cap and invest program to cap greenhouse emissions, invest in a clean economy and prioritize the health of our citizens,” Hochul said.