A very unique fitness trend is sweeping the nation.  “Goat yoga” classes are now popping up right here in the Capital Region. So, wacky or relaxing?

Maybe you’ve heard of hot yoga, but goat yoga?  This is going to be a new experience for all of us.  So how zen can you actually get with a goat on your back?

“We saw that it was coming to Vischer Ferry and we had to do it,” said Alex Maloy, a class participant.

It’s the fitness craze everyone is talking about.  Traditional yoga, in the most untraditional setting.

“Yoga tends to be a little serene and you know, mellow, but we bring the goats in and it’s all about laughter, and letting go, and having fun,” said Christine Riccio, an Alpin Haus yoga instructor.

Christine Riccio has only been teaching goat yoga with the friendly herd from the Into the Woods Farm for a short time, but she says the health benefits are fantastic.

“The whole yoga is all about relaxation.  Joining the mind with the body and kind of tuning into yourself, but here, it’s all about, in addition to that, laughing.  You know?  Smiling, everybody seems to walk out of a goat yoga class a little bit lighter.”

And that seemed to be the goal for most people Sunday morning.  Every person I spoke to before class told me it was their first time trying goat yoga, but they were ready to take on an out of the box experience.

“It looks really cool.  The pictures look like people are having a lot of fun and it’s really interesting idea and kind of a little bit of an adventure,” said another participant, Emily Carlson.

“I love goats.  They’re adorable little fluff balls and I think it’ll be a blast.  It’ll be fun to hang out with some animals,” said Francis Griswald.

“I’ve been to a petting zoo birthday party before with baby goats and they’re adorable!” said Brianna Russo.

And the folks from Into the Woods Farm say the goats are just as “adorable” on the inside as they are on the outside, which makes them the perfect yoga buddies.

“They’re super curious.  They’re super inquisitive, and that’s what makes that so.  They’ll go on people’s yoga mats and just settle there,” said Phaedra Zoe Stasyshyn, from Into the Woods Farm.

If you missed out but want to know more about Into the Woods goat yoga events or want to meet the herd, you can visit their website here.