GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – To meet a growing need for telehealth resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, Glens Falls Hospital announced a partnership on Monday with Aptihealth, a behavioral healthcare company specializing in accessible and personalized telehealth.

The partnership is aimed at getting behavioral telehealth services to customers easier. Behavioral health refers to mental and emotional wellbeing practices, including help with mental illness and substance abuse.

With the new program, Glens Falls Hospital will be able to offer care through Aptihealth’s programs within days of requesting help. According to a release from Glens Falls Hospital, Aptihealth has a record of reducing symptom severity and improving health outcomes for patients across all areas where their services are offered.

Those services will be offered across the seven primary care practices Glens Falls Hospital runs, due to increased need seen in all of those areas.

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve gone from zero telehealth visits to 1,200 a week,” wrote Patti Hammond, the hospital vice president of physician practice management. “Working with Aptihealth we are able to greatly enhance and expand our offerings for behavioral health services – and offer them in a way that is convenient and safe. The partnership with Aptihealth will provide a level of care that is essential for our community.”

Once screened, patients will be referred to Aptihealth if in need of behavioral healthcare, and will be matched up with a personal behavioral health therapist. That therapist’s job is to help the patient develop a 90-day plan, personalized with goals designed to suit them.

Progress is tracked weekly from there, and a patient’s primary care doctor, therapist, prescriber and care manager will all remain interconnected throughout.

“We are proud to partner with Glens Falls Hospital on this transformative initiative and look forward to working together to deliver personalized integrated behavioral healthcare that truly changes lives,” said Dan Pickett, Aptihealth CEO. “By taking a comprehensive approach that includes both physical and behavioral care, we can rapidly connect patients with the right therapists and prescribers, accelerate treatment, and ensure their entire care team is in lockstep throughout the process, improving outcomes and making care delivery more cost-effective.”

Glens Falls Hospital operates practices at Cambridge Medical Center, Evergreen Medical Center, Greenwich Medical Center, Granville Medical Center, Hudson Falls Medical Center, Salem Medical Center and Whitehall Medical Center.