Do you believe in ghosts or the paranormal? Well, one NEWS10 ABC viewer who sent us this video says he does.

A wisp of what appears to be smoke, rises up and then suddenly vanishes into thin air.

“I got goose bumps right away.”

It’s only a tiny video clip, about 10 seconds long, but it’s giving Angel Rosa a huge case of the creeps.

“This is our security camera.”

Angel says he was at work when received an alert- that a motion sensor camera mounted outside his home had been triggered. He checked it out to see what was up.

“Immediately I looked at it and you reduce the motion and it looks like it has legs and it disappears into the tree.”

He says he doesn’t think it could be anything around his home.

Angel says his home security system captured other bizarre things-including what he believes is a voice.

“It sounds like a boy saying hello.”

Angel and his husband both say they believe the voice and the apparition on the video belong to two recently departed family members.

NEWS10 ABC shared the videos with local ghost hunter Roxanne Rock of the Saratoga Paranormal Research Team.

They said they think you have an example of the paranormal here.

“I’m not afraid,” Angel said.

Whether it is something paranormal or something else, perhaps some things are not easily explained.