FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — People in Fort Edward dealt with flooding Monday morning. Some said it was the worst flooding they’ve seen since Hurricane Irene.

The flood water rushed onto the streets. At one point, fire officials noticed a car was submerged in deep water and drifted in the current on Route 4. 

A water rescue team was dispatched to help the driver.

“The current was very strong, and it drifted her car off the road and into a ditch on the side,” Fort Edward Fire Chief Matt Hurlburt said. “So two of my guys went in – they were probably 500 feet away – they tied themselves onto my truck, went in, opened the door, they had to force it open because of the pressure. But as soon as they got in, they grabbed her, put a life vest on her, and assisted her out.”

Officials said the driver is doing well. The chief believes an overflooded swamp with a broken drain may be to blame for the flooding.