ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A peaceful protest turned violent in Albany Monday night.

Protesters threw firecrackers, and tear gas was used outside the Albany Police Department on Henry Johnson Boulevard.

Earlier in the day, Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins was outside for hours talking to protesters. At one point, he took a knee in solidarity.

The earlier protests began at noon off Henry Johnson Boulevard and walked through the streets of Albany. NEWS10 ABC spoke with protester Yacob Williams at the day’s protest.

“You’ve got to hold people accountable,” protester Yacob Williams said. “Are police above us? Are they human beings like we are? Do they have privileges outside of what we have? They need to be held accountable. This is a peaceful protest. I know that there was rioting and looting last night. They got snipers on the roof.”

Monday night, police were asking crowds to stay away from the immediate area of Henry Johnson Boulevard and Clinton Avenue. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan asked people to stay home.

Protesters told NEWS10 many of the people at the protest were not from the original march held earlier in the day.