ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An overnight fire at the Delaware Ave Boys and Girls Club remains under investigation. Out of the ashes, officials are assessing the damage and hoping to reopen.


There was water, smoke and some fire damage to the walls, ceiling and windows of the room. 

Program director David Gordon says when he got the 4am call about the flames, he got palpitations at the possibility of the building being a total loss.

“To see a bunch of fireman in our building after hours is kind of heart wrenching” said Gordon.

But then relief settled in upon seeing that the fire really only affected the building’s exterior.

“I got here to see what actually happened. It was still heart wrenching. Little sight of relief because relief because it didn’t hit our program areas too much” Gordon added.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan toured the damage today. She, just like Gordon, says it unfortunate to see this happen to a place that means so much to Albany youth. 

“The boys and girls club is doing a great job serving our youth and providing a safe space for them. To see that there was a fire that was apparently started in the dumpsters outside is really disheartening” the chief executive remarked.

While Gordon is relieved that things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been, he says the fact that this situation happened still hurts.

“Somebody came into our property and started a fire at a place that serves our youth and teens. Probably the only place in Albany that consistently does it on a week to week basis. And that this will affect them, it was very heart wrenching” said Gordon.

The facility is closed as a precaution for the remainder of the week but the program director hopes it can reopen by next week.