GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Throughout the years, the 10 foot 11 inch bridge on Glenridge Road in Glenville has been hit several times.

“I was told by a CP Rail employee that the bridge really can’t take another hit,” explained Chris Koetzle, Glenville Town Supervisor.

Within the past 3 years alone, this bridge has been hit roughly 45 times and the town supervisor said now a fine is going to be imposed as a consequence for drivers.

“Even though it’s a state DOT road, and a CP Rail Bridge, it’s the town of Glenville tax payers who pays the bill in responding to the emergency of having the bridge struck,” said Koetzle.

To help pay for those expenses, a $450 fine is being imposed. While one neighbor told us off camera that he thinks fines should have been given out a long time ago, another neighbor who’s lived on the road for 20 years, said he doesn’t believe it will be a cure.

A neighbor told NEWS10 ABC that bridge has been hit more times than what has been reported, since not everyone stops after they strike it.

According to Koetzle, pedestrian and driver safety is his upmost concern. CP Rail has suggested installing a crash bar and he said DOT would like a laser system to be installed that would alert drivers.

In a statement, DOT said, “The New York State Department of Transportation continues to have positive discussions with the Town of Glenville and we are continuing to explore potential options to prevent bridge strikes at the Glenridge Road Bridge.”

The town supervisor said he’d appreciate DOT setting up a truck route and close Glenridge to truck traffic.

“The problem is once you get over 146, and down into Glenridge, you can’t turn around.”

For those who do try to turn around, they end up leaving tire tracks in neighbors lawns. While some in Glenville have suggested building a truck turn around in the nearby nature persevere, Koetzle said that’s something the town is not going to do.