ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Monday, Feed Albany, a local organization that provides food to those in need, received a donation of $250,000 from the Mitzen Family Foundation.

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, local restaurant owner, Dominick Purnomo, knew something had to be done to help those who were struggling.

“We wanted to make sure that families who relied on subsided lunch and breakfast programs in the school, that they could be fed. And also all of the restaurant employees who were now out of work and couldn’t count on eating at work, to make sure they had food as well,” explained Purnomo.

Purnomo co-founded Feed Albany, an organization that would do just that — help people around the Capital Region struggling with food insecurity, no questions asked.

It has since grown, helping not only restaurant employees and school children, but those who are stuck in quarantine.

“We have given out over 250,000 meals since the beginning of March,” said Purnomo. “It could be prepared food; it could be groceries; it could be boxed lunches; we’ve been doing it in a lot of different ways. “

According to Purnomo, over these past 10 months, Feed Albany, which is primarily run with the help of volunteers, has helped feed tens of thousands of people.

Monday, it was announced that a $250,000 donation was made to the organization by the Mitzen Family Foundation, of Saratoga Springs. 

“The Mitzens really believe that, obviously, that no one should be left without a meal,” explained Jahkeen Hoke, Executive Director of the Mitzen Family Foundation. “They really believe that the mission and the vision that Feed Albany has for making sure that everybody has a warm meal to eat every night is a great mission that they want to support. “

With the generosity and support from the Mitzen family, Feed Albany can continue helping those who are hungry in the Capitol Region.

“Obviously, today was something that none of us expected,” said Purmomo. “And this doubles the amount of money we have raised in 10 months.”