ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With winter around the corner, MoneyGeek has released a report on fatal accidents and deadliest roads in New York. A total of 2,725 fatal vehicle accidents were recorded in New York from 2017 to 2019.

In the Capital Region, there have been a total of 254 fatal accidents during that time frame. MoneyGeek analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine the deadliest roads in the state.

Key findings:

  • About 20% of fatal accidents were related to drunk driving. These accounted for 549 of the 2,725 total fatal accidents in the state.
  • Speeding contributed to 28% of accidents statewide. That’s 756 fatal accidents.
  • September has the most fatal accidents. Despite having the sixth-highest count of winter driving fatalities in the nation, the summer months are New York’s deadliest for driving.

In Albany County, there was a total of 49 fatal accidents and Central Avenue was found to be the deadliest road with three fatal accidents between 2017 and 2019.

Here’s the breakdown of counties in the Capital Region:

CountyFatal AccidentsDrunk Driving RelatedDistracted Driving RelatedSpeeding RelatedMost Deadly Road (Fatal Accidents)
Albany49121419Central Avenue (3)
Saratoga4412417Route 9 (4)
Greene24556Route 23 (6)
Columbia24717Route 22 (5)
Warren21646Route 9 (5)
Schenectady20337Route 5 (3)
Rensselaer18423Route 7 (4)
Washington16307Route 40 (3)
Fulton14335Route 30 (4)
Schoharie13102Route 145 (2)
Montgomery11214I-90 (4)

Based on the number of fatal crashes, the deadliest county for driving in New York is Suffolk. There were 346 fatal accidents in Suffolk from 2017 to 2019. To see the full breakdown by county in New York, you can visit the MoneyGeek website.

September was also the deadliest of months with 300 fatal accidents. Here’s the breakdown by month:

MonthFatal AccidentsPercent of total

For the full report on fatal accidents and deadliest roads in New York, you can visit the MoneyGeek website.