Family picking up the pieces after barn fire


A family farm in Massachusetts that has been operating for four generations suffered a huge loss over the weekend after a devastating fire broke out in their barn.

One family is left to pick up the pieces after they say what was their livelihood has burned to the ground.

Fire crews still on the scene and family struggling to house their cows.

“They are in shock they are still trying to keep everything functioning and moving,” Terry Ziemba, wife of farm owner, said.

Over the weekend a fire broke out at the Ziemba Family Dairy Farm causing the family to lose two major barns with one used to shelter 250 cattle.

“Behind me, the whole barn was fully involved. I was getting to the milk house which is the section behind me. That was starting to go,” Adams Fire Chief John Pansecchi said.

Fire crews believe the cause of the fire could have been electrical. While all of the cattle were able to escape, one bull lost its life in the process.

“We are very fortunate that because of the timing of when the cows would have been milked they were all in the pasture environment,” Ziemba said.

Since the farm has been a staple in the community since 1935, people in the area have come together to show their support.

“People have come to try to help, tried to find ways to get feed for the animals, just to sustain us through the winter, we are very grateful,” Laura Ziemba Crane, a farm family member, said.

Although the family is still recovering from this incident, they say working through the damage is what hits them the hardest.

“That’s the hardest part. That’s the part that brings us to tears,” Ziemba said.

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