The death of a man being chased by police officers in Saratoga Springs has sparked outrage five years later after a recent report by a local paper claims an internal investigation was never completed.

A Facebook post by the chief of police lighted the new flame. And friends and family of Darryl Mount, Jr. gathered in an emotional scene outside Saratoga City Hall Friday night.

“He’s the last person I think of when I go to bed and the first one I think of when I wake up,” Patty Jackson said.

Five years later, not a day goes by that Jackson doesn’t think about her son. His death is still fresh in her mind.

“It’s a nightmare,” she said. “It’s a nightmare.”

“A piece of her heart is forever gone, and that’s how I describe it because I know her love for her son was deeper than the ocean,” Mount’s aunt Peggy Pregent said.

Police said on August 31, 2013, Mount fell from scaffolding after leading them on a foot chase. Nine months later, he died from pneumonia at 22 years old. His family, however, has always thought something else happened and has filed a lawsuit against the department.

“There was clearly foul play,” Pregent said. “None of it makes sense and there is a cover up.”

In the past, Saratoga Police Chief Greg Veitch said the department’s own investigation rules out police misconduct. But now the Times Union is reporting that during a deposition, Veitch admitted no internal investigation into misconduct was ever conducted, which backs suspicions from family and friends.

“It’s crazy to find out that it all came out to be a lie, so there has to be something done about it,” Mount’s friend Roger Pittman said.

Veitch disputes the report.

In a Facebook post, he claims the department conducted an investigation, but for some reason, didn’t classify it as internal. It goes on to say “I hope it is clear that there is another side to the story that simply has not yet been told.” Veitch wrote that he stands by his belief that his officers did nothing wrong.

Mount’s loved ones and members of the Saratoga community are frustrated, so they came together for a rally Friday night to seek answers.

“We can’t trust him,” Jackson said. “Not one single word that he says has any credibility from this point forward.”

“If nothing else, my sister deserves to know what happened,” Pregent said.

Sending their message loud and clear, they hope to find closure.

“I want justice for my son, and I am going to get it,” Jackson said.

In response to Veitch’s statement, the Times Union told NEWS10 ABC it stands by the report.