ELA computer testing to resume Thursday


Computer based state testing for English language arts, also known as ELA, began Tuesday. While it went smoothly for some students, others had difficulty with the system.

” 2 classes out of 8 in 4th grade, and 3 out of 8 in 5th grade logged on and things went well. The rest couldn’t log on,” explained Shannon Shine, Superintendent at Mohonasen School District

After 40 minutes of troubleshooting, students were still not able to get into the test. That’s when Mohonson’s superintendent and principal ended up having to postpone testing for the group.

While the middle school students were able to log on, they weren’t able to submit their work.

“In the end it led to a see of chrome books move to half of the gym which then had to stay secured,” said Shine.” And I saw a lot of guidance officers on the run helping.”

Eventually the tests were submitted.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara said the mishap is unacceptable, especially after there were issues with the computer based system last year.

“You got to test things before you implement them,” said Santabarbara. “That’s rule number one. You have to make sure it works, you have to make sure it works right. So the state needs to do just that.”

The state education department is holding Questar, its testing contractor, responsible for the computer issues and announced that ELA testing will take place on Thursday.

“Tomorrow we will resume computer based testing for grades 5 and 8. We are staggering it for certain grades to provide a more reliable and successful experience by limiting the number of testers accessing the system at the same time,” explained MaryEllen Elias, State Education Commissioner.

Paper based testing will also be available for school districts that would prefer that option instead. 

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