EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The East Greenbush Police Department wants the public’s help in getting to the bottom of a series of late night incidents, including an unknown suspect shooting a BB into a window.

Police say it happened on Oregon Avenue late Tuesday night. If you live there and have a camera that may have recorded any suspicious activity, you’re asked to call Detective Sergeant Michael Guadagnino at (518) 479-2525.

Guadagnino told NEWS10 that over the past few weeks they’ve had numerous incidents like this, with people throwing objects at houses. He encourages residents to buy security cameras to protect themselves and help their neighbors.

“We have three officers on at night, and they can’t be everywhere at every moment,” said Guadagnino, “so a lot of our help comes from the eyes and ears of the public, and video cameras are obviously one of our best tools to investigate multiple crimes that go on.”

The police department is also urging residents to register their cameras by giving them a call. That way, they can keep your camera and location on file, in case there’s an incident in your area.