Driver ticketed in Troy collision that injured teenage pedestrian


The driver involved in Tuesday night’s car versus pedestrian on 8th Street in Troy has been ticketed for unsafe speed. The 16-year-old victim remains hospitalized with a broken leg and facial fractures.  

Not only did Rick Wager capture the collision on his home surveillance cameras, he also witnessed it as it happened while he was out smoking on his front steps.

“It was very emotional, very upsetting seeing that girl lying on the ground,” said Wagar.  “I seen a girl walking down the side of the road, she went to go cross the street and as soon as she got towards the middle of the road the car comes out of nowhere flying down the hill. Never hits his brakes nothing, just slammed into her.”

NEWS10 ABC has chosen not to show the moment of impact, but you can see neighbors, including Wagar, immediately run to her aid.

“I thought for sure she didn’t make it at first. She was unconscious for a good three minutes. Her head was bleeding badly and everything,” said Wagar. 

He has lived on 8th street for about 40 years and said he is fed up with the reckless driving. He said he’s seen too many people get hurt, including his own family.  

“My granddaughter about four years ago got hit on her bike by a car speeding down the road. She ended up at Albany Med with a fractured skull. My nephew got hit one time. A little girl up the street got hit about three years ago, sideswiped by a speeding car,” said Wagar. 

While police said the teen’s choice to walk into the middle of the road did contribute to the collision, the driver was ultimately ticketed for speeding.  

It is worth noting that there is not one speed limit sign posted along 8th street. When NEWS10 asked police about it, they told us that it’s 30 mph citywide unless marked otherwise.  

In the short time NEWS10 crews were in the area, we did catch a few vehicles with our calibrated radar gun hitting speeds up to 40 mph.  

Deputy Police Chief Daniel DeWolf said they’re considering placing a speed trailer in the area to collect data to find out just how bad the speeding problem is. 

Neighbors also suggested a speed bump, but DeWolf said speed bumps are not a viable solution.

“They would obstruct plowing, regular free flow of traffic, emergency vehicle operation, etc. I don’t know if speed bumps are actually prohibited by statute or regulation, but in many cases are discouraged and generally of use in parking lots or private roads,” said DeWolf. 

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