CHARLTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Could a heart wrenching video being shared on social media help solve a 27-year-old murder case? The victim’s daughter is certainly hoping that it will.

It all began with a chat between two friends and colleagues: Linda Conley and Leann Fyvie. Both are well-known Capital Region photographers.

“She is like, Linda, I really want to make some documentary stuff. Not just weddings. I said, ‘Well I got something for you.'”

That’s when Linda revealed a dark chapter from her past to her friend.

The story goes back to July 8, 1993 when Linda was just 17. Her mom, Betty Conley, was working overnights as a clerk at a convenience store in the small Saratoga County town of Charlton. A customer walked in around 3 a.m. and found her shot dead and $100 missing from the register.

The suspect left no clues as to who they were, and for 27 years, there’s been no arrest and no justice for Betty or her family.

“You know, someone did this for an unfathomable reason. Everyone seemed to love her; she was a hard worker, a good mom. She is missed by a lot of people.”

In an effort to catch a killer, Linda’s friend Leann used her talent as a filmmaker, shooting and editing a deeply moving video featuring Linda and her father.

The video, which was released on the anniversary of Betty’s murder, has been widely shared on social media. And it may help solve the cold case.

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo said they are getting calls regarding potential new leads.

“And some leads have come in and will hopefully generate a resolution to this case,” said Zurlo.

Linda is making a plea to the person responsible for taking her mother away from her, her brother and her father:

“It’s time to come forward and get this off your chest. Let the burden go. If you know who did it because they told you they did it, that’s a heavy burden, too. So, help get this solved so that everyone can move on with life.”

If you feel that you may have information regarding Betty’s murder, you are asked to please give the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office a call at 518-885-2409 and ask for Investigator Bouyea or e-mail at

Or contact Linda Conley on Facebook at

Here is a link to the full video by Leann Fyvie: