Dept. of Health called after insects found in school’s food


A photo taken of insects in a rice bin at McCann Technical School in North Adams has spread like wildfire.

The photo prompted a school-wide letter to parents as well as several calls to the health department.

The insects were found in a bag from one of the trade school’s culinary classes. McCann’s principal dispelled rumors that he says have “gained legs” due to social media.

“The instructor handled it like they should. The food contaminated never came close to being prepared to be served, let alone served,” said principal Justin Kratz.

“The way it was put out there, I think a lot of [the students] thought this stuff was getting served to them,” said teacher Perry Burdick.

The health department did a complaint inspection of the area after being notified. The department doesn’t know if the insects came from the wholesaler or are a result of an expired bag.

“It’s very abnormal. I mean, they handled it exactly as they should have,” said health inspector Michael Moore.

The Department of Health told NEWS10 ABC the school passed its inspection.

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