BROOME, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) police officers responded to a tractor-trailer rollover and a car crash into a wetland. The crashes involved spilled yogurt and fuel, and spilled oil, respectively.

On February 7, officers responded to a tractor-trailer rollover on Route 145 in Broome. About 250 gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the roadway and a ditch. Officers said crates of yogurt that were on the truck spilled into Catskill Creek.

Officers placed a barrier in the ditch and culvert to help stop the fuel leak and cleaned up the yogurt in the creek. The driver was charged and the case remains under investigation.

On March 9, an officer responded to a car that drove off the Taconic State Parkway into a wetland, spilling oil. The officer said the vehicle slid off the road due to excessive speed and freshly fallen snow. The responding fire department was directed to lay out oil pads to soak up the oil in the water.

The vehicle that crashed into the wetland (DEC)

To prevent the oil from entering Wappingers Creek, the officer used hip waders, oil pads, and a floating oil boom to further contain the spill. The exact amount of fluid spilled is unknown, but a majority of it was recovered or contained. The DEC said the spilled oil was cleaned up with no long-term environmental impacts.