Debate heats up, should felons be able to vote?

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A recent debate on whether imprisoned felons should be given back the right to vote right has divided many.

“You’ve got to serve your time first. You’ve broken the law. You don’t have the right at that point when you’ve victimized innocent, honest, law abiding citizens,” said Senator Jim Tedisco. 

Karen Murtagh fights for prisoners’ rights as the executive director of Prisoner’s Legal Services of New York. She believes prisoners lose rights and privileges behind bars as punishment, but former prisoners and those on their way out should be fully integrated into society.

“We want that reintegration to be successful, so what do you do to make it successful? You allow people to have a vested interest in the communities that they’re returning to,” Murtagh said.

A few presidential candidates have also weighed in on the debate and they’re equally divided.

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