SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After close to two years and about 7,300 miles, one Oregon man stopped in the Capital Region this week as he nears the end of his cross-country canoe journey. Neal Moore started his expedition in Astoria, Oregon in pre-pandemic February 2020.

On Sunday, Moore made his way to Schenectady, from where he will eventually depart down the Hudson River. His final destination: New York City.

His goal is listening to, documenting, and celebrating America. “To explore how rivers, people and communities connect, in search of that which unites us as a nation,” Moore said. “To applaud America, our differences and our commonalities from the West Coast to the Statue of Liberty.”

Paddling (or portaging) from sea to shining sea, Moore is set to head south on the Hudson from Waterford on Tuesday. It’s 150 miles to the Statue of Liberty along that watery route, and he’s supposed to arrive December 14. The Hudson is the last of 22 rivers he will have paddled on his trip.

Moore’s latest book, “Homelands: A Memoir,” was released in 2017.