A new study shows crime is down across all three major cities in the Capital Region.

In Albany – murders, rapes, and robberies have all decreased in the past year.

Even still some say they haven’t noticed the change.

“Violence is very much a problem,” says Demetrius, an organizer of the group Albany Snug. On Tuesday, he and others rallied together hoping for positive changes.

A recent report from the Department of Criminal Justice’s Guns Involved Violence Eliminated Initiative also known as “GIVE.”

“It’s really paid off,” said Troy Police Assistant Chief Dan DeWolf, “We look at it as pinpointing certain individuals that are causing the most problems and the most violence and kind of hammering down on to them.”

According to the report, Troy’s crimes dropped over 3% in the past year.  Aggravated assault and property crimes lowered, but there was an increase in violent crimes, including the two adults and two children killed in their home last year.

Resident Frank Spatafora remembers it well.

“It’s hard to swallow,” he said.

He lived in the apartment above the family that was killed. Even despite the crime he’s notice what police are doing to help.

“I’ve seen a significant decrease in crime,” he said.

Meanwhile, Schenectady also saw almost 50 less violent crimes than the year before.

Back in Albany, there are less property crimes but there is an increase in aggravated assaults. Demetrius says there is still more work that needs to be done.

“If we just keep sweeping it under the rug, it’s going to get worse.”

For a complete list of the crime study, click here.