DUANESBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Court documents in the Duanesburg double homicide case provide new details about what happened that night. Nelson D. Patino, 47, is accused of fatally stabbing his wife and 5-year-old child, and injuring his 2-year-old on December 1.

The Duanesburg Town Court documents obtained by NEWS10 show felony complaints and incident reports from that night. Two felony complaints by New York State Police charge Patino with the second-degree murder of 5-year-old Jacob Patino and 37-year-old Alexandria Bustamante Gomez by intentional stabbing and causing their deaths. The third complaint charges Patino with the attempted second-degree murder of 2-year-old Anthony Patino.

Several incident reports provide new details of the scene inside the Duanesburg home that night. The report by Deputy Jeffrey Iovinelli of the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office says officers ordered Patino out of the residence, to get on the ground and put his hands behind his back. Iovinelli said there was a language barrier, but officers were able to cuff Patino and take him into custody.

Once inside, Iovinelli found a woman lying in the doorway of the foyer and a five-year-old, unresponsive, lying in a pool of blood near the kitchen. The deputy also found a 2-year-old who was crying and removed him from the residence. Iovinelli says a blood trail led upstairs to a knife resting in a pool of blood.

A paramedic for Rotterdam EMS was initially told there were five patients. He talked to the mother, who was conscious and alert. She spoke basic English and said there were only two children in the house. He said EMTs were administering CPR to the 5-year-old, but were unable to find a pulse.

“The amount of blood that was lost, there was nothing that could be done.”

Rotterdam EMS paramedic

The mother was loaded into an ambulance and transported to Albany Medical Center. The paramedic said she did not tell them what happened and started to go in and out of consciousness while in route to the hospital.

A driver for the Duanesburg Volunteer Ambulance Corps gave CPR on the 5-year-old for about 10 to 15 minutes before stopping. They then covered him up with a blanket.

You can read the court documents below: