A local rap artist’s accused killer is expected in court on Tuesday.

Carlos Graham is already facing a second-degree murder charge in the death of Brandyn Foster.

Foster had been an up and coming rap artist. In January of 2017, he vanished without a trace.

One year later, his remains were discovered during a police search of this Catskill home.

Sources close to the investigation tell NEWS10 ABC the house had been rented by Brandyn’s neighbor Graham and a Sade Knox.

Knox had previously been Brandyn’s girlfriend.

According to court documents filed in Greene County Court, the murder charge from February against Graham still stands, but he’s also facing a slew of new charges including concealment of a corpse. The body said to belong to Foster.

Graham’s girlfriend was arraigned in March on the same charge along with several others.

Investigators allege, Graham killed Brandyn on the day he went missing.

That in order to conceal the crime the couple dumped the victim’s vehicle outside a Connecticut casino.

Police say the couple hid the body in their home where they were said to have lived for some time. The remains, right below their feet.

NEWS10 ABC spoke with Knox’s attorney over the phone. He told me she has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Graham is scheduled for an arraignment Tuesday afternoon.