ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — While there has been little action in court since the pandemic began, that doesn’t mean work has stopped on the criminal case of the Schoharie limo crash.

“We have been communicating, honestly, non-stop since the suspension of the case,” explained defense attorney Lee Kindlon. “And just trying to figure out the answer to the great big question that is — is the case going to go to trial or are we going to find some sort of resolution?”

When NEWS10’s Jamie DeLine asked if there will be a trial, Kindlon responded by saying, “Our next step is on June 23. We are all going to have another video teleconference — the court, the prosecution, the defense team, and figure out that answer.”

Kindlon said, at this point, no final decision has been made. He represents limo company operator, Nauman Hussain, who has been charged with 20 counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. NEWS10 reached out to the Schoharie County district attorney’s office for a comment but has not heard back.

Schoharie County Courts tell us more will be known after the conference takes place, and an additional in-person appearance for further proceedings will be held on July 7.

When it comes to the civil cases, attorney Thomas Mortati also shared an update Tuesday after the court denied Mavis’s motion to dismiss early on.

“Now we are moving forward in the discovery process in the civil case, which will involve both document demands, other written questions maybe to go to Mavis,” said Mortati.

On Thursday, a deposition will be held to see if Malik Hussain, uncle of Nauman Hussain, could be involved in part of the civil actions.