ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Thousands of people across the Capital Region are picking up the hobby of gardening. It’s helping to save money and it’s getting people outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID in a strange way brought us together,” said Laura Rose.

Rose began gardening with her girls at the Capital Roots Community Garden after Governor Andrew Cuomo issued his ‘stay-at-home’ order.

“I’m getting to meet people I didn’t know and people who are more experienced with gardening. So it’s a great way to have community, and this is something that’s been missed in the past,” Rose said.

Capital Roots’s gardens can be found across the Capital Region. It’s open to everyone, but it has programs targeting low income households providing fresh, affordable and healthy food.

CEO Amy Klein said gardening has become a place of solace for people during the pandemic.

“People were definitely looking for ways to engage in the community to build self-sufficiency and for productive ways to be out of the house,” Klein said.

Capital Roots has about 900 plots. It asks for a donation of $30, but will work with low income families.

To learn how to start gardening, follow this link.