The Town of Colonie is the latest in the Capital Region to be hit with a string of distraction burglaries.

Lt. Bob Winn says on Thursday, there were three separate incidents. They occurred on Nash Place, Colonie Avenue, and The Surcingle.Two of the three victims turned the would-be thieves away at the door. Winn released photos of the vehicle in question, saying its a newer white SUV with out of state license plates.

“They do seem to match up with the one that happened in Bethlehem prior to ours and we are now aware of a fifth one that occurred in Niskayuna after ours,” said Winn.

He says you should always be careful about who you let into your home.

“If they’re showing up at your front door unsolicited for any reason, that should raise red flags. You should be asking a couple more questions.”