COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Cohoes has launched a new recycling program and recycling education programs. The city said it will be distributing 4.500 new recycling carts in early November for residents.

Cohoes will be providing residents with 65 gallon lidded recycling carts on wheels to replace the current 14 gallon open bins. The bins will be delivered to households with an information packet on what does and does not get recycled. “How to” recycling information is also available on the city’s website.

“Those small blue bins are just not big enough for the job,” said Cohoes Department of Public Works Commissioner Steve Hennessey. “We are confident that residents will recycle a lot more once they get these big new carts.  They won’t have to worry about overflowing bins anymore.”

The city is asking residents to do their part by placing items accepted for recycling in their carts, including glass bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans, food and beverage cartons, paper products and empty plastic bottles and containers.  Residents are reminded to rinse food and drink containers before putting them in the carts.

“Once residents get their new recycling carts, they can reuse their blue bin for a different purpose or drop it into their new cart to be recycled, but they cannot refill it with recyclables for curbside pick-up,” said Kathleen LaBombard, who is coordinating the outreach and education program. “It is carts-only starting in November.”

Each recycling cart will be assigned to an address and can be identified using an identification tag.  If a cart is lost or stolen, residents can contact the Department of Public Works at 518-233-2130 for help in locating or replacing the missing cart.  

This program is part of the the city’s “Cleaner Greener Cohoes” initiative. This new recycling program was funded with a $130,000 grant from the Department of Environmental Conservation and a $72,000 grant from The Recycling Partnership foundation.