A longtime family-owned business in Clifton Park is shutting down after nearly 50 years of operation. 

The Lindsey family has owned Lindseys Idyllwood Orchard located on 267 Sugar Hill Road since 1970. Four generations have worked at the orchard and Sunday, November 4th will be their last day in business.

“It’s hard.  I think what I am going to miss the most is just the customers.  There is a lot of people who come in every day. You gain that friendship,” Emily Sowalsky said.

The difficult decision has finally hit her. Sowalsky has worked at her father’s orchard for more than 20 years. Her father, Duane Lindsey stated, “We were the first pick your own orchard in Clifton Park.”

Lindsey told NEWS10 ABC it just doesn’t make sense to stay open anymore.

“Our sales are down over 15 percent from last year. I think people are going to the grocery store, buying one or two apples. They don’t come out as a family and pick lots of apples anymore.”

A drop in sales coupled with rising labor costs is resulting in a big part of Lindsey’s business coming to a close. He is now a grandfather of seven and says he will still have plenty to keep him busy.

“I’m 66 years old, I’m ready to stop working so hard,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey says the land will stay within the family but they still haven’t decided what they will do with the land. The orchard will be open this weekend and their last day of business will be Sunday, November 4th.  They will be open from 9am-6pm.  

The family’s county store on 1537 Route 9 in Clifton Park will still remain open.