TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the hot and humid weather in the forecast through the end of the week, the city of Troy is providing its residents with a number of outdoor cooling stations and splash pads

Troy firefighters have set up several sprinklers throughout the city that will be available from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. through Friday.

“We’re putting out fire hoses with a sprinkler head on them so they create quite a spray for the kids to run through and adults. I’ve seen adults sitting in lawn chairs underneath the spray. So, they really look forward to that,” said Troy Mayor Patrick Madden.

Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon said there are four different locations in Lansingburgh, Little Italy, North Central, and South Troy. The Chief said they will likely be adding a fifth station at a small pocket park near 10th Street and Oakwood Avenue.

“We try to hit as many neighborhoods as we can,” said Chief McMahon. 

The Mayor said the cooling stations supplement the splash pads in parks across the city, including Frear, Knickerbacker, Prospect, and Riverfront. He said people visiting those locations are to be self-monitoring when it comes to protecting themselves from the spread of coronavirus.

“Wearing a wet mask is not a good idea because it makes it more difficult to breathe, but when you’re not in the spray, wear your mask,” said Mayor Madden. 

The Mayor also told NEWS10 ABC that they will be moving forward with opening the South Troy Pool this summer. He said they’re just waiting on final inspections while simultaneously setting up staffing and developing a safety plan.

“We’ll take down contact information in case we need to do tracing. We’ll also need to limit attendance at the pool site, so depending upon demand, we may need to schedule different periods of the day for different people so everybody has a chance to use the pool,” said Mayor Madden.

While some cities use their libraries or community centers for cooling stations, Troy does not currently have that option. Their main library, built in 1897, does not have air conditioning and their seniors centers have been closed since March due to the pandemic. 

The Mayor and the Fire Chief remind people to check in on their elderly neighbors and relatives whenever possible.

“There’s the statement that the body is the best canteen, so when you have access to water, drink water at that point,” said Chief McMahon.

“Draw the shades in the morning to keep the sun out of the apartment and just slow down if you can,” said Mayor Madden. 

The Mayor’s office released the following cooling station and splash pad locations:

  • Lansingburgh – Intersection of 109th Street and 8th Avenue (Adjacent to Rensselaer Park Elementary)
  • Little Italy – 5th Avenue, Liberty and Hill Street (Little Italy Market Place)
  • North Central — 7th Avenue, between Swift Street and Park Avenue (Adjacent to Troy Central Little League)
  • South Troy – 3rd Street and Canal Avenue (Canal Street Park)

City-operated splash pads are open at various city parks, including Frear Park, Knickerbacker Park, and Prospect Park from sunrise to sunset. The splash pad at Riverfront Park is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Additional splash pads are available at Troy Housing Authority locations, including Phelan Court, Fallon Apartments, Griswold Heights, and the Taylor Apartments.