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City of Schenectady kicking off "Peace Week" initiative

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) - The City of Schenectady is kicking off  "Peace Week," an initiative focused on alleviating stress and reducing violence.

It's also known as "Meditation Week." Trained meditation leaders will help lead group meditations at organizations around the city. These sessions are free and many will be open to the public.

The project's goal is to get one thousand people in and around the city to participate throughout the week.

If you'd like to get involved in "Peace Week" check out one of the sessions listed below:

*Schenectady Peace Week Full Schedule of Events: Monday, August 20^th
through Monday, August 27^th :***

*EVERYDAY*of Peace Week, Monday 8/20 – Monday 8/27 at 7:00 am, Yoga
Bliss on the Boulevard

*Monday, August 20:*

Monday, 8/20 10:00 am, kickoff with Keith Mitchell meditation, City Hall
(sponsored by MVP)
Monday, 8/20 12:00 pm, talk & meditation with Keith Mitchell, Nott
Memorial, Union College
Monday, 8/20 5:00 pm, YWCA
Monday, 8/20 6:00 pm, Meditate & Celebrate, Jerry Burrell Park, with
performances by Hamilton Hill Arts Center's Emoja Dancers & Drummers and
Carla Page (sponsored by MVP)

*Tuesday, August 21:*

Tuesday, 8/21 12:00 pm, Gateway Park
Tuesday, 8/21 12:00 pm, Union College
Tuesday, 8/21 12:30 pm, City Hall
Tuesday, 8/21 6:00 pm, Schenectady County Public Library (main branch)
Tuesday, 8/21 6:00 pm, Documentary Resilience & Panel Discussion at
Proctors – The Addy

*Wednesday, August 22*

Wednesday, 8/22 12:00 pm, Vale Urban Farm
Wednesday, 8/22 6:00 pm, Schenectady County Public Library (main branch)
Wednesday, 8/22 6:00 pm, Jewish Community Center
Wednesday, 8/22 7:00 pm, Crystal Bowl Meditation at Crossroads Gifts &

*Thursday, August 23: *

Thursday, 8/23 12:00 pm Gateway Park
Thursday, 8/23 12:00 pm Union College
Thursday, 8/23 12:30 pm City Hall
Thursday, 8/23 5:00 pm YWCA
Thursday, 8/23 at 6:30 pm, fundraiser, Pennies for Peace, with Grand
Central Station Band at Johnny's

*Friday, August 24:
*Friday, 8/24 12:00 pm, Gateway Park**

Friday, 8/24 12:00 pm, Union College
Friday, 8/24 12:30 pm, City Hall
Friday, 8/24 5:00 pm, YWCA

*Saturday, August 25:*

Saturday, 8/25 12:00 pm, Gateway Park
Saturday, 8/25 2:15 pm, Schenectady County Public Library (main branch)
Saturday, 8/25 6:00 pm, Peace Songs & Poetry at Yoga Bliss

*Sunday, August 26:*
Sunday, 8/26 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, tabling at the Schenectady Greenmarket

Sunday, 8/26 12:00 pm, Gateway Park
Sunday, 8/26 2:15 pm, Schenectady County Public Library (main branch)

*Monday, August 27*

Monday, 8/27 12:00 pm, Gateway ParkMonday, 8/27 12:00 pm, Union College
Monday, 8/27 12:30 pm, City Hall
Monday, 8/27 5:00 pm, YWCA
Monday, 8/27 6:00 pm, Schenectady County Public Library (main branch):
Monday, 8/27 6:00 pm, Closing meditation at Jerry Burrell Park

***In addition to the public meditations, the following organizations
will be offering meditations to their staff &/or clients during Peace
Week - MVP, Golub Corporation & New Choices.

Schenectady Peace Week's schedule of events (Aug. 20^th - 27th) can also
be found here: https://www.peacefulcities.org/events

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