The second day of an EPA summit in Washington, D.C. on water contamination is hitting home here in the Capital Region.

On Tuesday, the mayor of Hoosick Falls was sitting in on the summit but others were barred.

There was some censorship concerns have come to the forefront surrounding the need for more information on water contamination.

A report by the EPA is not being released and many people affected by contamination were not granted seats at that summit. There have even been reports of the media being barred from the meetings.

As the summit is taking place in Washington, D.C., Loreen Hackett sits at her computer firing off dozens of tweets.

She wanted to be in attendance but didn’t get a seat.

She streamed part of the meetings on Tuesday but was disappointed to hear from just the EPA and a chemical representative.

“I took that as such a slap in our faces that somebody with a 266 blood level has to listen to the ACC defend their products.”

She says she feels information has been censored and held back from the public. This including a new report about harmful levels of chemicals like PFOA.

“We need that data for the health of our families going forward.”

Luckily, Hoosick Falls was represented at Tuesday’s portion of the summit.

“The biggest thing that we are focused on is fewer words and more action.”

Mayor Rob Allen was invited last minute to be part of the discussions.

“its good to see that their attention is there, its unfortunate to see that they are just starting the process right now.”

He says it’s crucial for that report to be released and federal guidelines need to be set.

“Clear regulations and rules to what happens when you have the various scenarios that are cropping up across the country.”

He was able to meet one on one with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to raise his concerns and says he’s hopeful for change.

Meanwhile, Hackett keeps at the keyboard to help other communities dealing with contamination.

“You need to educate yourself, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.”

She says she won’t be stopping any time soon.

“Every day I get a new follower and I think I can help one child, I can’t stop the page.”

Things are still moving along in Hoosick Falls on a state level. The Department of Health confirms that the second round of blood testing for people living there will be underway in the next few weeks.