WASHINGTON D.C. (NEWS10) — Mark Emanatian, the executive director of the Capital District Area Labor Federation (CDALF) will be joining Paul Tonko as a guest at the 2023 State of the Union Address. According to a spokesperson for Tonko, the CDLF serves an estimated 120,000 people in over 40 affiliated unions.

“We are currently experiencing the best economy for American workers in decades, with more people getting higher wages, better benefits, and better jobs across the board,” Congressman Tonko said. “This boom for workers was only possible thanks to our nation’s unions. President Biden and House Democrats understand this acutely, and we are working every day to strengthen the unions that form the backbone of our nation. In that work, I’m so grateful to have incredible partners in Mark and CDALF, who are each day proving the necessity and the power of unions to protect all workers and ensure Americans are provided with a living wage, retirement security, and health benefits. I thank Mark for joining me in Washington for this year’s State of the Union, and I look forward to continuing our push to empower workers to unionize and have dignity at work.” 

“I am deeply honored to be Congressman Paul Tonko’s guest at the State of the Union,” said Emanatian. “Our union federation has been doing excellent charitable work with the food bank and food pantries and I am looking forward to the President’s speech. Unions, working people and the poor need urgent help from the government.”